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Trust us to repair or replace your glass

Have storms recently damaged your windows? Do you need to have your glass shower repaired? Either way, Amplified Glass can help. We're a local company based out of Jennings, LA that offers comprehensive glass repair and installation services. From patching up small cracks to completely replacing shattered glass, we do it all.

While we don't replace window frames, we can fix or replace the window glass itself. Learn more about what we can do for you when you contact us today.

When to call us

We're known for our convenient 24-hour services, so you can call us whenever you need us. You should reach out if:

Your glass shower door has shattered
Your window glass is cracked
You need to replace the glass in your sliding doors
You want to have a mirror fixed
A storm has damaged your windows

We'll be there right away to repair or replace your glass. Once we've finished, it will be like the damage never happened. Call today to get started.